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MUJC-DLC Fall Transition Fair

NJACE exhibited at the Morris-Union Jointure Commission and Developmental Learning Centers Fall Transition Fair on November 27, 2018. The event brought parents with children with special needs and helped network with us and among themselves. For more information regarding their Spring Transition Fair, keep scanning our website in the next few months for more details!

A new Frontier: Autism Sensory-Motor Research:

According to The Journal of Frontiers in Neuroscience, a high impact peer-reviewed, open access platform to communicate scientific facts, over 1/2 million people worldwide are interested in learning more about sensory-motor differences in Autism. The NJACE PI Torres spearheaded the effort in 2012: With 38 articles and 91 authors, including self-advocates and parents, this Research…

NJACE is building alliances with our community and bringing technology to our public schools

NJACE PI Dr. Elizabeth Torres and Center Coordinator Ernesto Gonzalez met with Superintendent Mark J. Finkelstein, Assistant Superintendent Gary Molenaar  from the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey and  Dr. Erik Solber (BCBa) Principal of Academy Learning Center. This is an effort to bring cutting edge technology to our public schools. The NJACE innovative engine is transforming…

Autism Speaks Morris-Union Walk!

NJACE was present at the Autism Speaks Morris-Union Walk on Sunday, October 21! We were so happy to meet various families and professionals in the community and share information about our new repository. For more information, feel free to email us at info@njace.us. Looking forward to the next event!  

Autism New Jersey Annual Conference

The New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence (NJACE) was proud to exhibit for the very first time at Autism New Jersey’s 36th Annual Conference at Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center in Atlantic City, NJ. This conference provided more than 100 exhibits and over 70 presentations all surrounding one goal, improving lives of those with ASD. NJACE shared…

NJACE brainstorms with IBM

NJACE brainstorms with IBM and takes first steps to introduce technology to autism interventions for the first time! Moving away from a one size fits all model and towards a truly objective and personalized approach. Building spontaneous autonomy early on in childhood to transition into adult independent living!