Ciclovia Returns June 1st!

Join members of the community in participating in Ciclovia:   New Brunswick Ciclovia closes more than 3 miles of streets to city traffic so residents can walk, push baby strollers, skate, run, bike, use wheelchairs and walkers, rollerblade, dance, and utilize the roadways in countless creative and active ways.   See more here

Autism and Genetics Conference at Columbia

Autism, Genetics and Identity This half-day conference is free and open to researchers, scholars, and interested members of the Columbia University community, local colleges and universities, journalists, and the general public. See flyer below! Columbia CEER June 2019 CONFERENCE Autism Genetics and Identity Flyer

Media Covers Eagleton Poll showing that 80% of People in New Jersey know somebody with Autism

“The American Psychiatric Association has already included sensory issues – as part of the criteria for diagnosing Autism, yet the public still perceives Autism as a behavioral problem or mental illness more than they do a disorder of the nervous system.  said Elizabeth Torres, associate professor of Psychology and director of the New Jersey Autism Center of…