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Upcoming Workshops

Check these upcoming free workshops with important information for families:   Table Talk Feeding Workshop I Care for Me CSH Workshop Who Do I Call for What Setting Out for the Journey NTJ Safety Special Education Series. Basic Rights Special Education Series Extra-curricular Activities

New Jersey Social Entrepreneurship

If you are interested in creating a business that employs people with disabilities social entrepreneurship is one way.  Learn more at the NJSE Summit 2019  at  Rutgers-Newark Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development   For a better understanding of what social enterprise is all about before you decide to register, check out this article by the…

AADMD 17th Annual Conference

American Academy of Developmental Medicine & Dentistry (AADMD) is a non-profit organization of interdisciplinary medical professionals including physicians, dentists, optometrists, neurologists and other clinicians committed to improving the quality of healthcare for people with IDD. Register for their 17th annual conference at the link below: https://aadmdconference.com/

COMING SOON: Autism in Love!

On Thursday, April 4, 2019 the K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital will host the red carpet event – Autism in Love Completing the Puzzle, to kick off Autism Awareness Month. We ask that you share this with the appropriate special education students’ family. The evening event for teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder will feature speakers Dave…