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Attention All Professionals Who Work with the Autistic Community!

The New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence (NJACE) realizes that many families are spending time at home and do not have access to the consistent care they need. Amidst the current global climate of COVID-19, we want to use technology to our benefit and disseminate information and helpful advice across the community. To do this – we need your help.

The NJACE is offering to sponsor a free webinar of tips and tricks you have learned through your profession – of what parents or autistic people can do at home to help during this time. We welcome advice from Parents, Educators, BCBAs, OTs, PTs, SLPs and any other profession that have something to say that can help people at home who may not currently have access to therapy/school. It can be advice to parents, advice to autistic adults, suggestions of movements or thoughts to have when at home – and anything else you can suggest! We recommend thinking of the regular homework and suggestions you give patients to take home with them. Parents can also share tips that work well with their child.

Our aim is to unite all communities toward a common goal that we all share – increasing the well-being of the autistic person and the caregiver.

Letter to clinicians for COVID-19 Webinars


If you are interested, please send an email addressed to and Upon submission please send us a list of the tips you are recommending. If you are selected, we will then request the video of you discussing the tips in the order you’ve listed (this does not have to be anything professional, you talking to your laptop or camera is completely fine) – and we will take it from there! The video can be in the style of a “short”, so a 2-5 minute clip, or up to 30 minutes – depending on what you feel does justice to your content. We are hoping for a quick turn around on the videos and will send you a finished product as soon as we have it. We’re in this together!


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