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Autism 101 Autism New Jersey
A Teen’s Guide to Autism Center for Parent Information & Resources
Introduction to Autism Interactive Autism Network
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Fact Sheets from The Arc The Arc of New Jersey
Online Resource Database Autism Source
Resource Library Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Common ASD Terminology N/A
The Community Hub Children’s Specialized Hospital
Friends Like You. Friends Like Me. Children’s Specialized Hospital
Health Care and the Autism Spectrum: A Guide for Health Professionals, Parents, and Caregivers Alison Morton-Cooper; Jessica Kingsley Publishers; ISBN 1853029637
The New Jersey Autism Registry Department of Health
New Jersey Special Child Health Services NJ Department of Health
Autism Now The Arc
Indicadores del Desarrollo El National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities
Autism Spectrum Disorder Collection: Tools IDEA Partnership
My Health, My Life  Resources for Integrated Care
Resource List: ASD American Academy of Pediatrics
Autism Related Materials Vanderbilt Kennedy Center
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Health Insurance Autism New Jersey
Sex Education_The Elephant in The Room The Arc
A Self-Advocate’s Guide to Medicaid Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Healthcare Toolkit Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education
Health Care NJ Medicaid
SSI Medicaid NJ Social Security Administration
Healthy Smiles for Autism National Museum of Dentistry
Dental Orientation Program POAC
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Legal Matters To Consider Autism Speaks
Legal Services Civil Matter The Arc of NJ
Free and Low Cost Advocacy and Legal Services in NJ Children’s Specialized Hospital
Servicios legales y de defensoría de bajo costo en NJ Children’s Specialized Hospital
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Autism & Safety Facts National Autism Association
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Family Special Education Organizer Children’s Specialized Hospital
An Educator’s Guide to Autism Organization for Autism Research
Strengthening Your IEP National Center for Learning Disabilities
Doing Your Homework Wrightslaw
Going to College with Autism Emily Rutherford; Jennifer Butcher; Lori Hepburn; ISBN: 1475826141
Kit for Kids Organization for Autism Research
K-12 Plus Special Education Private School  The Calais School
Postsecondary Education Resources Autism Speaks
Self-Advocate’s Guide to Choosing a Post-Secondary Program The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities
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NJ County Offices for People with Disabilities Children’s Specialized Hospital
Act Early-Spanish El National Center on Birth Defects and Developemental Disabilities
Family Resource Network of NJ Family Resource Network
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network  Statewide Parent Advocacy Network
Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies Department of Human Services
 Medical Home Services for Autism Spectrum Disorders Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin–Madison, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, National Medical Home Autism Initiative
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Union County Spectrum All Stars Union County Spectrum All Stars
Activity Connection Community Recreation Program Children’s Specialized Hospital
Recreation and Community Activities Autism Speaks
Special Needs Recreation Kids Guide
Recreation & Events POAC
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Family Support Center of NJ Family Support Center of NJ
myautismteam myautismteam
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Guardianship for Young Adults with Disabilities The Simple Dollar
Is It Autism and If So, What Next? A Guide for Adults Autism Speaks
The Journey to Community Housing with Supports Supportive Housing Association of New Jersey
Toolkit for Primary Care Providers Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
Got Transition Got Transition
Transition Resource Guide Ages 12 to 13 Children’s Specialized Hospital
Transition Resource Guide Ages 14 to 16 Children’s Specialized Hospital

Transition Resource Guide Ages 17 to 21+_Part 1

Transition Resource Guide Ages 17 to 21+_Part 2

Children’s Specialized Hospital
Transition Planner Children’s Specialized Hospital
Guardianship Attorney Search Guide Children’s Specialized Hospital
Guardianship_FAQ Bureau of Guardianship Services
Sex Ed for Self Advocates Organization for Autism Research
College Planning Guide Intelligent
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