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The New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence (NJACE), with the support of its collaborators, is committed to facilitating specialized, translational training in autism diagnosis and management. Through symposia, workshops, and practica, the NJACE will provide clinicians and health professionals with continuing -education opportunities hosted by leading professionals in their areas of expertise. Additionally, the NJACE will host an annual conference that will bring autistic individuals, researchers, clinicians, and health professionals from an array of disciplines together for presentations on a variety of topics related to autism diagnosis and management. 


Workshops are designed to be both didactic and interactive, providing professionals with an opportunity to learn from experts in the field of autism. Each workshop will have clearly defined learning objectives for the targeted audience and will cover a critical area of need.


Practica are unique opportunities offered through the NJACE, in which participants can engage in extended, hands-on training in a specialized setting, such as a community-based program or hospital. These opportunities are tailored to individualized learning objectives for participants.

Annual Conference

The NJACE will be hosting an annual conference that aims to bring together leading local and national researchers and physicians in the field of autism and related areas. The conferences’ agendas will include a variety of presentations, panel discussions, and workshops on timely and engaging topics in autism that capture the diverse interests and expertise of the attendees and broader research and practice communities.


Bimonthly symposia are presentations by leading professionals designed to incorporate the interests of researchers and healthcare professionals in New Jersey along with the areas of critical needs identified by the autism community and the NJACE. The topics in these speaker series will be deliberately curated to address areas ranging from the causes of autism to the latest innovative approaches to management.

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