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The New Jersey Autism Center of Excellence (NJACE) engages directly with autistic individuals and their families. With their participation in research and education, including through forums and community meetings, we can deepen our communities’ understanding of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and develop better services and programs that can benefit the entire autism community. At the NJACE, we use information learned from discussions with autistic people and their caregivers to guide our practice and presence in New Jersey.

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The NJACE wants to hear what autistic individuals and caregivers of individuals with autism have to say. We urge these individuals to educate us on what is most important to them through conversation and through their active roles in the NJACE community.

As we at the NJACE work toward identifying areas of critical need, we want to hear from the autism community. To be involved, consider signing up for our mailing list, which details the most up- to- date information regarding opportunities to provide input and collaborate with professionals in the field. Future opportunities for involvement will include participation in forums, community meetings, review committees, and our annual conference.

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