Strengthen Council funded projects by providing administrative and technical support, sharing best practices, and facilitating discussion of progress, lessons learned and challenges.

Stimulate cutting-edge ASD research in NJ by promoting awareness of emerging clinical issues and progress in ASD research and treatment.


Improve clinical care for Autitistic individuals in NJ by strengthening knowledge and training of health care professionals in NJ regarding ASD diagnosis and supports.


Vision Statement

To bring innovative change in research, education and service across New Jersey.

Mission Statement

To educate society about the neurobiology of autism, and autistic people‘s unmet needs across their lifespan. We do this by listening to the perspectives of autistic people, their parents and families, clinicians from interdisciplinary fields, and researchers from various fields including psychology, genetics, engineering, and computer science. We hope to build an all-inclusive community, which embraces autistic people as valued members of our society.

We are funded in part by the New Jersey Governor’s Council for the Medical Research and Treatments of Autism and by the NJ DOH.

Younger siblings of children with ASD are known to be at higher risk for developing language delays. The Infancy Studies Lab at Rutgers University-Newark has created an engaging interactive acoustic experience with the aim of helping baby siblings of children with ASD develop better pre-language skills known to be important for optimal and efficient language acquisition. Watch this short video to learn more about how to participate in this exciting, innovative research study.