The goals of the NJACE are to empower the lives of all New Jersey individuals and families affected by autism with a focus on community-oriented research tailored to the autism community and their needs.

Current governor’s council research projects 2023-2024:

The Governor’s Council for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism current grantees for the concept project and fellowship program awards:

Anat Kreimer, Ph.D. | Rutgers University

Decoding Autism Regulatory Variants Using Computational Genomics in Human iPSC-Derived Neurons

James Millonig, Ph.D. | Rutgers University

A p53 Mediated Mechanism for 16p11.2 ASD Hyperproliferation Phenotype

Peng Jiang, Ph.D. | Rutgers University

Regulation of Human Forebrain Development by ASD-Associated Cytokines in Human iPSC-derived Cerebral Organoids

Chiara Manzini, Ph.D. | Rutgers University

Unraveling the diversity of PDE4D signaling to understand the mechanisms of action of PDE4D inhibitors

Vanessa Bal, Ph.D. | Rutgers University

Boosting Engagement and Skill Acquisition through Technology and Personalization: A Pilot Trial of Enhanced Transdiagnostic Behavioral Therapy

Yu-Lun Chen, Ph.D. | Kessler Foundation

Racial, Ethnic, and Language Disparities in Autism Health Service Use among Children in NJ: Assessing Longitudinal Trends of Service Gaps and the Role of Social Determinants

Christina Simmons, Ph.D. | Rowan University

Randomized Pilot Evaluation of Healthcare Professional Training Using a Virtual Reality Training Program for Severe Behavior in Children with Autism

Walter Zahorodny, Ph.D. | Rutgers University

Detection & Connection – ASD Screening Project

Alessandro Bortolami | Rutgers University

A Novel Murine Model to Study Potassium Channel-Related Autism Spectrum Disorder

Erin McKenney | Rowan University

Examining Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma in First-Semester Autistic College Students

Denise Robles | Rutgers University

Modeling Long-Range Connectivity Deficits in ASD using Cerebral Organoids

Sofia Gonzalez Salinas, Ph.D. | Rutgers University

Cortical Circuits Regulating Social Behaviors

Mengmeng Jin | Rutgers University

Modeling Microglial Dysfunction with Human iPSC Models of Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Lauren Poppi | Rutgers University

Dissection of habitual learning microcircuits in genetic mouse models of autism spectrum disorder with comorbid Tourette disorder

Luka Turkalj | Rutgers University

Perturbation of Neuronal Proteostasis and Integrated Stress Response in Cc2d1a and Cc2d1a/Cc2d1b Loss of Function

Le Wang | Rutgers University

Dissecting the circuits mechanism of ASD-associated NLGN3 and NRXN1 loss-of-function human neurons engrafted in a chimeric mouse model

Ellen Wilkinson | Rutgers University

Adapting an evidence-based behavioral activation treatment for depression in minimally verbal autistic adults

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